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Season 6
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Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 27
No. of Specials: 16
Originally Aired: August 22, 2016 –
June 26, 2017
Premiere: "Put A Ring On It"
Finale: "Truth Be Told"
Cast: Farrah Abraham
Maci McKinney
Catelynn Baltierra
Amber Portwood
Season Chronology
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The sixth season of Teen Mom OG began airing on MTV on August 22, 2016 and concluded on June 26, 2017.






No. in series No. in season Image Title Original air date U.S. viewers
65 1 TMOGS6E1.jpeg Put A Ring On It August 22, 2016 1.15[1]
Amber and Gary finally settle their custody dispute over Leah. Farrah plans a move to LA, but questions her relationship with Simon. Catelynn and Tyler debate having another baby.
66 2 TMOGS6E2.jpeg Tweet Tweet August 22, 2016 1.19[2]
Farrah's mom confronts Simon at Sophia's 7th birthday party after he posts an old mugshot of her on social media. Amber deals with the latest rumor in the media about Matt.
67 3 TMOGS6E3.jpeg Don't Panic August 28, 2016
Maci and Taylor find out she's further along in her unexpected pregnancy than they thought, Matt takes Amber to his hometown where she meets one of his family members.
68 4 TMOGS6E4.jpeg Animal Instincts September 5, 2016
Maci and Taylor plan their wedding. Leah is hurt after Amber misses a visit with her. Farrah invites Simon to celebrate Easter with her family, and then kicks him out due to his lack of enthusiasm.
69 5 TMOGS6E5.jpeg Hello, Goodbye September 12, 2016
Catelynn and Tyler have an emotional goodbye as she heads to a treatment facility for her anxiety and depression. Maci and Taylor buy a bigger house to fit their growing needs.
70 6 TMOGS6E6.jpeg Second Guessing September 19, 2016
Maci and Taylor question their decision to have their wedding so soon, while Farrah and Simon get some relationship advice from Dr. Jenn. Catelynn is homesick so Tyler and Nova visit her at her treatment facility.
71 7 TMOGS6E7.jpeg The Long Road Home September 26, 2016
Maci’s daughter Jayde turns one and she is worried because Ryan isn’t around for Bentley. Farrah makes a big move to LA, but continues to fight with Simon when he tries to help.
72 8 TMOGS6E8.jpeg Mother's Day October 3, 2016
Maci and Taylor welcome their third child but still worry that Ryan isn’t showing up enough for Bentley. Gary tries to co-parent with Amber but realizes there’s still tension between them.
73 9 TMOGS6E9.jpeg The Tipping Point October 10, 2016
Amber worries she’s developed a new addiction to food and consults a doctor about her weight. Farrah decides to open a frozen yogurt shop, while Tyler’s concerned that Catelynn is falling back into her old, bad habits.
74 10 TMOGS6E10.jpeg Lemons Into Lemonade October 17, 2016
Amber and Gary get ready for Leah's first day of school, while Catelynn continues to struggle. Ryan takes Bentley for the weekend and the grand opening of Farrah's frozen yogurt store is made all the more interesting when Simon shows up to help.
75 11 TMOGS6E11.jpeg Surprise Surprise! October 24, 2016
Amber and Matt attempt to put a stop to the tabloid rumors surrounding them, but are sidetracked by a visit from Matt’s troubled son while Farrah deals with an employee at FroCo that’s not living up to her high standards. Tyler and Catelynn celebrate Butch’s first year out of prison, while Taylor and Bentley plan something special for Maci’s birthday.
76 12 TMOGS6E12.jpeg The Ties That Bind November 7, 2016
In an attempt to keep Matt’s son sober, Amber and Matt invite him to move in. Farrah visits Derek’s family, but quickly returns home to deal with her next business venture... and her mom. Catelynn and Tyler attempt to celebrate their first year of marriage, but are worried that they may not see Carly this year; and Maci celebrates at her bridal shower while Ryan tries to apologize to his dad.
77 13 TMOGS6E13.jpeg Ginger's Last Binger November 14, 2016
Farrah and her mother uncover old family wounds. Matt is offered the opportunity to write a book. Maci and Taylor head to Las Vegas to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties. And Cate considers buying a horse to help with her anxiety.
78 14 TMOGS6E14.jpeg Cray Gardens November 21, 2016
Gary reluctantly asks Amber for help with Leah when Kristina has a family emergency. Maci gets to know Ryan’s new girlfriend better, while Catelynn and Tyler discover they’re still not ready to move into their new home.
79 15 TMOGS6E15.jpeg I Do! November 28, 2016
Amber undergoes plastic surgery in an attempt to relieve her depression and negative self image issues, while Farrah and her mom try to reconcile their differences after an awkward encounter with Debra’s boyfriend.
80 16 TMOGS6E16.jpeg A Fresh Start April 17, 2017
81 17 TMOGS6E17.jpeg Hello Again World! April 24, 2017
82 18 TMOGS6E18.jpeg Lil' Starburst May 1, 2017
83 19 TMOGS6E19.jpeg Blue Christmas May 7, 2017
84 20 TMOGS6E20.jpeg Let's Try To Get Along May 8, 2017
85 21 TMOGS6E21.jpeg The Forever Knot May 15, 2017
86 22 TMOGS6E22.jpeg Viva Las Vegas May 22, 2017
87 23 TMOGS6E23.jpeg Making Waves May 29, 2017
88 24 TMOGS6E24.jpeg Love in La La Land June 5, 2017
89 25 TMOGS6E25.jpeg Friday the Thirteenth June 12, 2017
90 26 TMOGS6E26.jpeg We Are Family June 19, 2017
91 27 TMOGS6E27.jpeg Truth Be Told June 26, 2017


No. in series No. in season Image Title Original air date U.S. viewers
36 1 Teen Mom Season 6 Catch Up Special August 15, 2016
37 2 Ask The Moms November 21, 2016
38 3 Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part 1 November 28, 2016
39 4 100 Things About Teen Mom OG December 4, 2016
40 5 Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part 2 December 5, 2016
41 6 Reunited December 5, 2016
42 7 Unseen Moments December 12, 2016
43 8 Being the Edwards February 8, 2017
44 9 Being Debra February 15, 2017
45 10 Teen Mom OG Season 6B Catch Up Special April 10, 2017
46 11 Being Matt April 10, 2017
47 12 Unseen Moments June 19, 2017
48 13 Teen Mom OG Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part 1 July 3, 2017
49 14 Ask The Moms July 10, 2017
50 15 Teen Mom OG Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part 2 July 10, 2017
51 16 Being Simon October 11, 2017