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Season 1
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Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 26
No. of Specials: 5
Originally Aired: March 12, 2018 –
December 17, 2018
Premiere: "Eyes on Me"
Finale: "What Comes Next"
Cast: Jade Cline
Brianna Jaramillo
Ashley Jones
Kayla Sessler
Lexi Tatman
Season Chronology
Seasons 12

The first season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant began airing on MTV on March 12, 2018 and concluded on December 17, 2018. Before the series began, MTV aired a special titled Young and Pregnant: Meet The New Moms, on March 5, 2018.

On June 27, 2018, the first season was extended for a B season that began airing on October 15 to December 17, 2018.[1]


Filming began in the summer of 2017 to April 2018. The reunion episode was filmed on April 21, 2018.

  • On June 23, 2018, Ashley’s mother Tea spoke with In Touch Weekly saying that both Ashley and her fiancé Bar has quit the show, MTV has not confirmed this.[2]
  • On August 25, 2018, Jade, Kayla and Lexi took to social media as they traveled to New York. Jade confirmed on Snapchat, that she is possibly filming a segment at the MTV studio. It was later revealed to be for the In Between the Tweets special.
  • On August 26, 2018, Ashley travels to Portland to visit Brianna, it is unknown if this is being filmed.
  • The reunion was filmed on November 16, 2018.


Moms and Babies


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No. in series No. in season Image Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 TMYPS1E1.jpeg Eyes on Me March 12, 2018 0.66[3]
Kayla finds out news about Stephen. Cheerleader Lexi has to face the crowd with her pregnant belly. Ashley and Bar get heated when Bar insists his mom attend their baby shower. Brianna and Danae try to persuade Brianna’s mom to let him move in.
2 2 TMYPS1E2.jpeg Baby Shower Blowup March 19, 2018 0.60[4]
Ashley and Bar’s baby shower goes from zero to one hundred, Brianna is caught in the middle of her mom and Danae, Kayla grows concerned that she may end up a single mom.
3 3 TMYPS1E3.jpeg It's a Baby, Not a Toy March 26, 2018 0.53[5]
Ashley and Bar deal with baby shower aftermath, Kayla is conflicted about her feelings toward Stephan, tension continues to rise between Brianna and Danae as they prepare for Braeson’s birth.
4 4 TMYPS1E4.jpeg Cutting the Cord April 2, 2018 0.59[6]
Lexi’s parents are growing concerned that she and Kyler don’t have a plan for the baby’s arrival. Brianna and Danae escape tensions at home with a visit to Chicago, and Jade’s water breaks!
5 5 TMYPS1E5.jpeg Parenting 101 April 9, 2018 0.71[7]
Jade struggles to care for Kloie by herself, Ashley and Bar take their last trip with friends before becoming parents, and Brianna and Danae get ready for their child's birth.
6 6 TMYPS1E6.jpeg Co-Parent Trap April 16, 2018 0.68[8]
Tempers flare between Brianna and Danae, Kayla questions her future with Stephan, Lexi and Ashley give birth, and Jade spends time away from Sean after a heated argument.
7 7 TMYPS1E7.jpeg Tying the...Not April 23, 2018 0.70[9]
Kayla and Stephan welcome Baby Izaiah, Sean pops the question to Jade amid rising tensions with her parents, and Brianna must choose between living with Danae or her mom.
8 8 TMYPS1E8.jpeg Leaving the Nest April 30, 2018 0.60[10]
Brianna and Danae struggle to find an apartment without credit, Ashley bails Bar out of jail, and Kayla must care for her son without her mom's help for the first time.
9 9 TMYPS1E9.jpeg Louder Than Words May 7, 2018 0.85[11]
Kyler plays hard to get with Lexi, Danae makes a big announcement, Sean disappoints Jade, and Kayla celebrates her birthday.
10 10 TMYPS1E10.jpeg When Right Feels Wrong May 14, 2018 0.81[12]
Brianna and Danae break up, Kyler learns some tough lessons about love, Jade and Sean continue to fight, and Ashley tries to get Bar to make up with her parents.
11 11 TMYPS1E11.jpeg Pomp and Circumstance May 21, 2018 0.90[13]
Lexi graduates from high school, Brianna tries to get closure with Danae, Ashley and Bar visit Bar's mom in Las Vegas, and Kayla consults with a lawyer about custody.
12 12 TMYPS1E12.jpeg Out With the Old, In With the New May 28, 2018 0.67[14]
Kayla begins college and reconnects with an old high school friend, Brianna explores her newfound post-breakup independence, and Jade and Sean try counseling.
13 13 TMYPS1E13.jpeg Moving Too Fast June 4, 2018 0.83[15]
Brianna defends her new boyfriend to her sister, Bar makes peace with Ashley's family, Kayla and Stephan come together for Izaiah's medical treatment, and Sean bails on Jade.
14 14 TMYPS1E14.jpeg For Now June 11, 2018 0.87[16]
Lexi and Kyler go on spring break, Brianna asks Robert to move to Oregon, Ashley gets into a brawl with Bar's mom, and Kayla tries to fix Stephan's relationship with her mom.
15 15 TMYPS1E15.jpeg Live Fast, Dye Young October 15, 2018 N/A
Brianna prepares to move to Oregon with her new boyfriend Robert, Kayla urges Stephan to mend fences with her mom, and Lexi puts her foot down and stands up to Kyler.
16 16 TMYPS1E16.jpeg Stay In Your Lane October 15, 2018 N/A
Tensions arise when Ashley gets a restraining order against Bar’s mom, Lexi struggles to prove her independence, and Jade does her best to cut Sean out of her life.
17 17 TMYPS1E17.jpeg Decisions, Decisions October 22, 2018 N/A
Stephan is ordered to pay Kayla child support, Ashley tries to be supportive of Bar's family while his brother is on trial, and Lexi pushes Kyler to be more responsible.
18 18 TMYPS1E18.jpeg Dreams & Nightmares October 29, 2018 N/A
Ashley considers a fresh start, Lexi pursues her dream job, Kayla deals with Stephan's violent outburst, Brianna regrets her family's move, and Jade celebrates her birthday.
19 19 TMYPS1E19.jpeg The High Road November 5, 2018 N/A
Ashley sits down with Bar's mom, Jade and Sean come together when Kloie gets sick, Kyler makes a bet with Lexi, Kayla faces a big decision, and Brianna and her mother clash.
20 20 TMYPS1E20.jpeg Our Past Is Our Past November 12, 2018 N/A
Ashley's peace with Bar's mom is short lived, Brianna second guesses her relationship, Kayla makes plans for the future, Lexi's caught in the middle, and Sean helps Jade out.
21 21 TMYPS1E21.jpeg Battling Demons November 19, 2018 N/A
Lexi's parents confront her about their problems with Kyler, Ashley and Bar take some space from each other, and Brianna struggles to make up her mind about Robert.
22 22 TMYPS1E22.jpeg No Winners November 26, 2018 N/A
Brianna asks Robert to move back home, Jade makes Sean take a drug test, and Ashley picks up the pieces after a fight with Bar turns physical.
23 23 TMYPS1E23.jpeg Now What? December 3, 2018 N/A
Ashley has a hard time accepting Bar’s apology, Lexi’s parents leave Kyler out of a family camping trip, and Kayla’s plan to move in with a friend hit a snag.
24 24 TMYPS1E24.jpeg One Day You'll Thank Me December 10, 2018 N/A
Brianna ends her relationship with Robert, Lexi visits a friend in college, Ashley moves back in with her mom, and Jade begins paying for Sean's treatment.
25 25 TMYPS1E25.jpeg Babies Have It Made December 10, 2018 N/A
Ashley asks Bar to stay away from Holly's birthday party, Brianna sets her sights on college, Kayla gets mixed messages from Stephan, and Jade reaches her breaking point.
26 26 TMYPS1E26.jpeg What Comes Next December 17, 2018 N/A
Ashley reconnects with Bar (despite her family's objections), Brianna tackles her issues in therapy, and Kyler is reluctant to invite his mom to Tobias's birthday.


No. in series No. in season Image Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 TMYPSP1.jpeg Young and Pregnant: Meet The New Moms March 5, 2018 0.46[17]
In this one-hour special, hosted by Maci of Teen Mom OG, meet the five new moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. From teenage life … to pregnancy… to motherhood… we’ll dive deep into their backstories and hit all the bumps along the way.
2 2 TMYPSP2.jpeg Reunion June 25, 2018 N/A
Brianna and Danae confront each other for the first time since breaking up, Kayla disputes the show’s depiction of her relationships, and Lexi and Kyler give a status update.
3 3 TMYPSP3.jpeg In Between the Tweets October 8, 2018 N/A
The girls look back on the most memorable Season 1 moments through the lens of social media, respond to fans' tweets and reveal unseen moments and sneak peaks.
4 4 TMYPSP4.jpeg Season 1B Reunion December 31, 2018 N/A
After a season full of ups and downs, the cast joins hosts Angela Simmons and psychologist Dr. Joy Bradford to rehash their hardships as well as the successes in their lives.
5 5 TMYPSP5.jpeg Being Danae April 8, 2019 N/A
Brianna's ex Danae moves forward in his transition as a transgender man, but before he gets his top surgery, he needs to repair his strained relationship with his mom.



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