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Courtland Keith Rogers is the ex-husband of Jenelle Evans.


Courtland met Jenelle when she was a teenager. She was best friends with Tori Rhyne, whose sister was Courtland's first girlfriend.

Courtland described Jenelle to be like a little sister to him. He started messaging her on social media back in 2012 and Jenelle decided to start dating him after he discharged himself from rehab for heroin. Jenelle relapsed and started using heroin with Courtland not long after they moved into their trailer together, back in November 2012. They got married after only three months of dating.

Courtland admits that out of their entire marriage, he only remembered two days of it because he was a heavy heroin user. Jenelle soon became pregnant with Courtland's child and she released an ultrasound on social media in January 2013, confirming that she was indeed pregnant, as fans and haters believed that it was fake news; however, after a domestic violence incident with Jenelle, he was arrested and also charged with domestic assault and possession of heroin and paraphernalia.

While he was in prison, Jenelle aborted Courtland's baby as she knew that she would be raising another child alone and did not want history to repeat itself. She lied to Courtland, saying that she had a miscarriage. Unbeknownst to Jenelle until early 2013, Courtland was cheating on her with multiple women.

Courtland threatened Jenelle on a livestream, which was hosted by her ex-fiance, Gary Head, who defended her and told him to leave her alone. Jenelle was soon officially divorced from Courtland over a year later in 2014. Courtland eventually got clean from heroin and has claimed he works with drug counsellors to help other drug addicts get into rehab and withdraw from their own drug use.

In 2023, Courtland's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter; Taylor Lewis passed away. A few months later, Courtland relapsed with drugs and was found by his wife, Lindsay, unconscious next to the toilet in their home. A recording of the 911 call that Lindsay made was released and published on the internet. Courtland luckily made a recovery. It is unknown if he has turned back to drugs after this incident.


Courtland was in prison with David Eason around 2013 time. He said that David was released three weeks before him.

He had been a heroin addict for a number of years, most likely before he even met Jenelle.

He is five years older than Jenelle, making him 26 years old at the time that they started dating in late 2012.

He has a daughter named Jordan, nicknamed "JaJa" with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Lewis, who died in 2023. It is possible that Jordan is in the care of Taylor's family because of Courtland's history of drug use and domestic violence with Jenelle.